Now Accepting Written Story Submissions!

Dear Creative Community,

Many people have expressed a lot of interest in sharing their stories on this website but making a video seems to pose a challenge for a variety of reasons from lack of time to lack of equipment to discomfort with being filmed. Written submissions are now being accepted, in addition to video.

I can create a page for you with your story. It can be anonymous or you can identify yourself. You can send me photos of your work if you’d like and I can include a bio for you, much like I did for the artists who submitted for the Vagina Project. Similarly, there will be an online library of artist stories.

We all already know what challenges we face, but I believe that it’s important for our voices to be organized and heard collectively, as one very large voice.

If this sounds like a better option for you, please email me your story to jrowartist at gmail dot com.

I can work with you to edit the piece before we post, if that’s helpful for you.

I updated the original call for submissions to include written work. Read the call here for complete guidelines.

And this is the video submission I did get, if you’d like an example of someone’s story.


*Photo credit: United States Mission Geneva

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