Hudley Flipside (aka Holly D. Cornell)

Praying Mantis Mandala

Praying Mantis Mandala

Hudley shares about the challenges of pricing her work, the value of art and the games played in the art world where “wheeling and dealing is the name of the game.”

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Here is Hudley’s artist story:

Boxing with the Value of My Art

Art is everywhere we look. Humankind are creators. Nature also creates. The mind of humanity and nature sometimes blend in a mysterious essence of soulful art. All the feelings and skills resonate via the artist.

The value of art baffles me. The ego of art is something I frazzle-dazzle with and box with. My ego is bruised and depressed with placing value on my art. I read the commentary about this process. I go to art events and see the pricing. There is an art form for pricing art. Curators do this with the art they are promoting. Wheeling and dealing is the name of the game. I wrestle with putting a value on my art. My theory is based on the love of creating. I create for love of someone or because my muses compel me via my obligation to art. How does a mother put a price on the things she creates for her children? I laugh at some prices artists put on their art.

“Ha Ha,” I trip over my tongue. Here the ego projects “Importance”? Art is a pilgrimage to understanding oneself and the world. The essence of it is as priceless as love.



Blasphemy is to mingle and play the social game of art, such as museums, exhibits, and art walks. My hands start to sweat when I think that my art may be put in such places. It is all about ego, promotion and who you know. The value can be placed on art in relationship to what you are supporting. A cause maybe?

Yet often enough art is based on fame. What does it communicate via the value you put on this art of fame? I wrestle with this one the most. Black eyes melt my heart into places of anger that you would not believe.

Lines, levels, skills and projections, money, time and patience are each values of art. Money is just the current means of bartering — to inspire, propaganda or the need to be heard places a high price on art.

Praying Mantis and Purple Anarchy Flowers

Praying Mantis and Purple Anarchy Flowers

Again I am pulled to the ground and “Ding Ding…1234…”… I am knocked out!!??

I slowly tip toe back into this ring again of overwhelming, fighting fire. Art for sale. My obligation is that I have to show my art.

My dream is to have an art loft. At this point I cannot imagine living off of my art.

Yet I have now taken my boxing gloves off. My moment towards an art career to help supplement my family life is possible. Selling my art is part of this. It is a thrilling new dance. As a crone I have become more accepting of the realities of the art world.

Flowers for Renee

Flowers for Renee

I am transforming my frazzle-dazzle perspective.

I finally put a price on some of my art that was accepted into a small gallery. It did not sell. It was viewed by a community of my peers. A few months later I gave one of the pieces entitled Sunflower Soul with Pomegranates away to a sick girlfriend. It was a colorful watercolor I was selling for two hundred dollars.

I will continue my pilgrimage of art for love, inspiration and now for sale…while never losing my boxing grin!

More About Hudley

At 56 I am stepping out and taking a challenging new move towards presenting my art. My rogue but intuitive style is based on the enjoyment I experience while creating. I have a palpable and humorous style which touches on what I call nature politics. As an artist, writer and cartoonist I explore and capture what I see as the essence of beauty, the paradox of life and the integrity of esoteric insight. As a Jester I enjoy “nice and messy” satire, bringing out the muses to dance, sing and mock with the best of the tricksters.

Hudley Flipside (aka Hud) is the pen name and pseudonym created by Holly Duval Cornell. She is a visual artist. She is a graduate of California State University and was also the the co-editor and publisher of  Flipside Fanzine. To learn more about Hudley, please visit:, her Facebook page, or email her at

Self Portrait

Self Portrait




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