Should Artists Gain Business Skills? Probably.

A really interesting article came out today. It’s not a new topic, but one that is frequently revisited because it seems like few listen. It’s called “Facing Facts: Artists Have to be Entrepreneurs.” The passage below is one that really resonated with me. Plus, I appreciated the link to download a free copy of the book Making Your Life as an Artist: A Guide to Building a Balanced, Sustainable Artistic Life.

The passage:

There are two fundamental problems with that attitude. One, it treats this critical information as “other.” Art doesn’t mix with business. Which is just not the case. That’s simply xenophobic arrogance. When you come to terms with the fact that most MFA programs are mills churning out the future waitstaff of America, you may feel pangs of guilt instead of writing off how inherently important it is to choose the photo that pops for a show poster. Two, most business people speak in a foreign language that right-brain artists can’t translate. They walk away from a workshop on how to choose a business entity feeling stupider than when they walked in. The double bind is that those artists (who need the information desperately) end up writing it off out of frustration or (even worse) shame. Some just end up thinking “What’s the point?” and choose another career entirely. – Read more at:

What are your thoughts about this article? How have you learned your arts business skills? Or are you still looking to gain some?

What’s your story? We are seeking written or video submissions for our Artist Stories online library, a social justice project, and would love to hear from you.

Photo credit: Camille Rose (Flickr)

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