Artists Barter for Plane Rides, Art Supplies, and Even a Place to Stay…

Hyperallergic’s article “Artists Trade Their Work for Plane Rides and Gallons of Paint” discusses the work of L.A.-based arts organization ExchangeWorks, whose mission it is to create a worldwide trading economy between artists and the public. This enables the free exchange of art and resources — such as materials, professional services, and, most recently, frequent flyer miles”

This is an excellent example of how artists are using their creativity to think of ways to solve the challenges of living a creative life, and also creating an economy outside of traditional capitalism.

According to Hyperallergic, “ExchangeWorks looks for artists who regularly perform or exhibit, and sell work, and therefore helps artists who are already on their path.” Like most programs for people in the arts, however, this program only seems to cater to people who are already immersed in their art career — as opposed to people struggling to even start out due to economic and other barriers. While I have yet to register as an artist for the site, I didn’t see any obvious indication of Hyperallergic’s claim. Hopefully it’s pretty open to artists at any level. Regardless, it still seems like a great resource and that there’s a lot we can learn from this model.

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