(Part 4) Depressed Artist Seeks Wealthy Benefactor, And Also Her Soul

This one was actually posted on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago. Depressed Artist got a new job and isn’t too happy there. We could’ve probably predicted that.

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Dear CL Public Diary,

I know part of my problem is untreated depression. I know part of the problem is that the art world is screwed up and things are hard for most artists in society. But a significant part of the problem is the work world, in general. What a toxic, abusive place. For my last job, I worked in a terribly racist and classist context, and the only way I could survive it was to ignore it because I spoke up once and almost got fired. In this new job, I witnessed something that was a violation of employee rights and I said something and no one in HR seemed to be concerned. That might be because HR is being run by someone who has no idea what she is doing. She had the audacity to say to me, “I’ve learned so much from you about the hiring process.” Meanwhile, my actual job has nothing to do with HR. For the record, I have a coworker who I get along with extremely well and am thankful for her, and I actually don’t mind the work so far. I am grateful for the latter, too.

But I’ve had nightmares every night for the last several days because I have been trying to ignore what I’ve experienced there so far because I have no alternative option for income right now. My stress-induced heart palpitations have become chronic despite meditation/deep breathing, exercise and medication. I wanted to file a grievance on my first day, and even though I was the one whose rights were violated, for sure I’d look like the trouble maker. Now I’m in a position where I will have the opportunity to kindly and diplomatically bring up with issue with my boss. She is a kind hearted woman, but a push over and seemingly afraid of a certain group of people even though she is a top level executive at a higher rank that these folks — and one of these people is the one who violated my rights. My intention, however, is not to come across like I am trying to get anyone in trouble, but to try to repair the situation because it’s truly what’s best and safest for the organization, namely the employees.

But even if it were a more ethical work place, it’s a 2 hour commute each way and a 9 hour day because they don’t pay for lunch. This is the best job opportunity I’ve had since I started my job search, sadly; hopefully better options will come along

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. But are there actual sane work environments that compensate fairly and don’t treat their employees horribly? In all my years I have never experienced one.

2 responses to “(Part 4) Depressed Artist Seeks Wealthy Benefactor, And Also Her Soul

  1. Yes, there are sane(ish) work environments – I work in one – but I’m in the UK, it’s a small company and I’m one of the bosses. So I know I’m really (really) lucky – and still dream of painting full time, rather than the 3 days a week I do at the moment. Like everyone else, all I can say is keep making art – and good luck, hope you find a way to make it work(ish)

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